Dot envisions a city where all neighborhoods are safe and provide opportunities for a high quality of life for all residents in a thriving business community.


Reduce Violent and Property Crime Rates

  • Work with school superintendent to focus on the needs of children in grades 1-8.
  • Coordinate with the Sheriff to identify and improve family living conditions of young juvenile offenders.
  • Continue work toward improving intervention services.
  • Create a voluntary committee to research and develop plan to reduce property and violent crime rates.

Increase Livable Wage Job Opportunities

  • Establish an Incubator Program for Trade Jobs taught by union master tradespersons with opportunities for paid internships and apprenticeships.

Increase Affordable Housing

  • Incentivize the preservation and construction of quality rental housing for families, seniors, and individuals making 30 to 50% of the area median income (AMI).
  • Study the Miami-Dade Housing Trust best practices which have been nationally recognized for effective strategies for Tallahassee.

Reduce Poverty Rates which annually exceed 20%

  • Establish dedicated funding to address root causes of income inequality and inadequate affordable housing.


Support Stronger Ethics Policies

  • Follow the recommendations of the Independent Ethics Board for lobbying disclosure in Tallahassee city government.
  • Crack down on lobbyists abusing loopholes in ethics code.
  • Require elected and senior officials to list EVERY meeting either with a lobbyist and other persons contracting with the City.
  • Increase transparency on political action committee contributions.
  • Support pay equity and fair application of policies for all city employees.

Increase Transparency and Accountability Within the Police Department

  • Replace the Citizens Police Review Board with a new board with true independence and sufficient legal authority to investigate controversial police activity.

Oppose Property Tax Increases

  • No consideration unless and until there is a serious effort to eliminate waste, bloated executive salaries and ineffective programs.


Increase Recreational Amenities for Families and Visitors

  • Explore the potential for a Water Park as an economic development engine to generate dollars from other North Florida counties to support local jobs, hotels, restaurants, and retail business in Leon County
  • Work with Chambers on feasibility of visitor Trolley tours of Tallahassee to introduce historic sites and amenities.
  • Work with Visit Tallahassee to expand and improve the Downtown Heritage Trail.


Restore Frenchtown as a Place of Commerce and Residential Vitality

  • Invest in the revitalization of longtime businesses like Economy Drugs established in the 1960s for neighborhood stabilization.
  • Support the identification and preservation of Tallahassee’s forgotten Black History.

Protect Established Neighborhoods

  • Stop the encroachment of student housing on older, established neighborhoods.
  • Enforce residential preservation zoning.
  • Support stronger code enforcement to identify substandard housing and ensure it is brought into compliance.


I am a strong proponent of environmental justice as documented by my service on the Legal Environmental Assistance Foundation (LEAF) Board for Florida, Georgia, and Alabama; and my leadership in organizing a 3-state Environmental Justice Conference at FSU as Executive Director of Capital Area Community Action Agency.

  • Maintain and preserve Tallahassee's Canopy Roads
  • Protect Tallahassee's heritage oak trees from clear cutting for development
  • Maintain landscaped and natural buffers between established neighborhoods, incompatible land uses, and major roadways
  • Ensure that proper and timely notice is provided to impacted neighborhoods for zoning changes or new developments that encroach on neighborhood preservation protections

Support Clean Energy Goals

  • Continue work to implement the CLEAN ENERGY PLAN adopted in 2023.
  • Work with local Chambers of Commerce to incentivize and attract “Green“ businesses to Tallahassee.

Protect Our Natural Resources

  • Safeguard our groundwater and wetlands.
  • Defend this region’s “world-famous” Wakulla Springs.
  • Create and support land banks to acquire open space.


Support Smart Growth

  • Prevent sprawl with a compact Urban Service Area.
  • Oppose urban development planned decades in the future on current rural properties that will deplete limited tax dollars for current needs.
  • Limit annexations outside the Urban Service Area.
  • Concentrate on infill development and investments to bring all existing city neighborhoods and business districts up to quality livability standards.
Political Advertisement paid for and approved by Dorothy “Dot” Inman-Johnson for Tallahassee City Commission Seat 2